Five Tips for Collaborative Facilitators

What can you do to up your game and become a sought after collaborative facilitator?  This article provides five suggestions for aspiring and experienced collaborative facilitators/neutral mental health professionals/coaches.  BE DIRECTIVE Strong teams need a strong leader.  Though clients are responsible for their outcome, it is the professionals who are responsible for the process.  The team will be […]

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Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers

TBCT Now Offers Advanced Collaborative Trainings

Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers are dedicated to offering a customized two-day introductory training in the one coach/neutral facilitator/neutral mental health professional model at a low-risk cost structure that will help you build a vibrant collaborative community. But now we also have advanced training options! Whether your community is looking for a standalone ½ day, full […]

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Introductory Collaborative Training for as few as 20 People!

Coming off the heels of a wildly successful 2-Day Introductory Collaborative training at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, we wanted to give you a head’s up that Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers has improved its pricing structure for smaller and larger communities.  Now, we can accommodate trainings with as few as 20 attendees and […]

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Collaborative Divorce: A Saner World

I recently sat at the table with a husband and wife who had just signed their marital settlement agreement.  This signaled the end of their collaborative divorce process.  I offered them my respect for how they had pursued the process on behalf of their children.  They could have chosen a different path.  The could have […]

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An Introduction to the Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers

We are in exciting times!  In March of this year, Governor Rick Scott signed the Collaborative Law Process Act, and rules of procedure and professional conduct are pending before the Florida Supreme Court.  Divorce attorneys and other professionals are realizing that being trained in the collaborative method is now essential for any family law-related practice.  […]

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Five Tips for Collaborative Attorneys

What can you do to increase your collaborative caseload and be the best collaborative attorney you can be?  This article provides five suggestions for aspiring and experienced collaborative attorneys. TELL EVERY CLIENT A client cannot decide whether to use the collaborative process if he or she does not know about the collaborative process.  Tell every […]

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