About the Training

Divorce need not be destructive.  Husbands do not want to be pitted against wives, and mothers do not wish to be pitted against fathers.  Tampa Bay is home to one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing communities of attorneys, mental health professionals, financial professionals, and mediators who feel that the adversarial court system is an inappropriate forum to resolve most families’ disputes.


And Tampa Bay is now home to the Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers, a group of professional trainers who have been instrumental in building this local collaborative community and who are passionate about helping other communities do the same.


Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers offer a customized two-day introductory training in the one coach/neutral facilitator/neutral mental health professional model at a low-risk cost structure that will help you build a vibrant collaborative community.


We value the growth of a thriving collaborative community.  Tampa Bay and Greater Sarasota are home to four collaborative practice groups.  There are more affiliated collaborative practitioners in the Greater Tampa Bay area than in any other metropolitan location in the state of Florida.  We strive to share the lessons that we have learned in developing a vibrant collaborative community with other locales.

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Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers understand the risks involved and the limited funds that are oftentimes available for communities seeking to conduct an introductory collaborative training.  Accordingly, rather than charge a flat fee, we have created a cost structure that minimizes the risks for the local community and makes collaborative training an option even for smaller locales.


We charge the hosting community $300 per registered participant (with a required minimum of 20 registered participants), plus expenses.  The hosting community will set a price for attendees that is appropriate for the locale,  and the hosting entity is entitled to all net proceeds above our fees and costs.  In our experience, hosting communities often generate significant revenue from these training events to support the development of collaborative practice in the area.



Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers offer a two-day Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training that meets and exceeds IACP Minimum Standards for Training.


We understand that each community is different and has its own terminology, practices, and preferences.  Accordingly, we will work directly with the host community to customize a curriculum that meets that community’s needs, while at the same time introducing new ideas and techniques that have proven effective in building our own practices and community.



Our introductory training is community-focused, as we understand that no professional can do collaborative work on their own. Each member of the training group has been a key figure in the tremendous growth of collaborative practice in our communities. One of our main goals is to help set the foundation so that our attendees can re-energize and build a thriving collaborative community in their own area.

At all of our two-day Introductory Trainings, participants will do the following:

-Learn how and why Collaborative Practice was developed

-Be introduced to the paradigm shift required of Collaborative Professionals to effectively engage in the Collaborative Process

-Engage in option development techniques

-Identify the distinction between interest-based discussion and positional bargaining

-Obtain a step-by-step guide on how a Collaborative Case can proceed (customized to meet your community’s specifications)

-Participate in discipline-specific break-outs and Q & A’s

-Exchange ideas on marketing and building a Collaborative Practice

-Learn how to grow your local collaborative community

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